Power Bill Discount For People With Disabilities

Board Resolution No. 91, Series of 2015 dated September 4, 2015


  1. the discount is available to RESIDENTIAL member-consumers with disability,
  2. Senior Citizen member-consumers shall have the option to choose between the Senior Citizen Discount or the PWD discount, but NOT BOTH,
  3. meter must be under the name of the PWD for the past 12 months prior to application,
  4. monthly consumption must not exceed 100kWh,
  5. given only to PWDs under the list of disabilities identified by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) for the disabilities to be valid for discount application.
  6. The discount can only be availed if paid on or before the due date.


  • Proof of disability (duly sealed DSWD Certification)
  • Proof of billing (photocopy of recent SOCOTECO-1 Official Receipt)
  • Proof of residence (duly sealed Barangay Application)


  1. Secure an application form SOCOTECO-1 office
  2. Application by representative must be supported by an authorization letter from the applicant with photocopy of at least one (1) government issued identification Card.
  3. Submit the application form together with the other requirements at the SOCOTECO-1 Office
  4. The implementation of the discount shall be One (1) billing month after the approval of the application to give time for the verification process.
  5. The application is renewable annually. It should be renewed to continuously avail of the discount.