Catholic and Marian Devotion

Most of our employees are Roman Catholics and we are ever active in church activities and Marian Feasts. Amidst all the chaos of work, we never forget to thank the Almighty for the daily provisions bestowed upon us.

Easter Salubong Celebration (Annual Panata)

We have our annual “panata”, as the cooperative sponsors the annual Easter Salubong celebration. We build a stage adorned with many different flowers and ornamental plants that is used for the re-enactment of the Risen Christ. We also have our own version of Easter egg hunting in the office in one of our Monday convocations and afterwards a small “salu-salu” to celebrate Easter.

Misa De Gallo

SOCOTECO-1 always sponsor the first dawn of the Misa de Gallo. Our coop choir sings chorus of praises and Christmas tunes early in the morning. We also provide “painit-init” (hot drinks, pandesal, kakanin) to all church goers as we all together imbibe joyous season.

Monthly Sunday Mass sponsorship, Novena masses and Marian devotions

We also participate in the novena mass for the local Parish Fiesta of St. Anthony de Padua and other masses such as the feast of Christ the King. We also sponsor one Sunday mass every month where all our employees together with their families bring offerings and celebrate the Holy Eucharist.

SOCOTECO-1 employees are fervent Marian devotees too as we honor and celebrate Marian Feasts such as Birthday of Mama Mary, Month of the Holy Rosary and Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion. We have floral offerings and rosary prayer during these events.