Membership Application

1 Attend Membership Orientation Seminar

  • Schedules of Pre-Membership Orientation Seminar (PMOS)
    • Wednesday – 1:00 P.M. at Main Office, B/ Morales, Koronadal City
    • Thursday – 9:00 A.M. at Surallah Sub-office, South Cotabato
    • Friday – 8:30 A.M. at Main Office, B/ Morales, Koronadal City

2 Estimation of HW Materials by an accredited electrician

  1. Make sure electrician knows coop policy to avoid delay and re-inspection fee.
  2. Trusted accredited electrician is advised.

3 Purchase of Housewiring Materials

  1. kWhmeter must be purchased from the coop.
  2. All other housewiring materials may be bought outside (electrical supplies)

4 Installation of HW Materials

  1. Coop employees are prohibited from installing housewiring materials except for personal connection.
  2. (Show Electrician’s standard fees)

5 Submission of Accomplishment Report to MSD and Payment of Inspection Fee

Requirements: 1-5 outlets
  1. Electrical Lay-out (from the accredited electrician) signed by Master Electrician or Electrical Engr. not employee of Socoteco-I
  2. Location Map (from the accredited electrician)
  3. Fire Safety Permit (from the Local Fire Station)
  4. Electrical Permit** (from the municipal/city engineering’s office)
  5. Building Permit** (from the municipal/city engineering’s office)

**in excess of five (5) outlets

Inspection Fees:
  1. Residential – Php 125.00 + 12%VAT
  2. Commercial – Php 175.00 + 12%VAT
  3. Industrial – Php 225.00 + 12%VAT

6 Inspection

  1. Schedule:

    Monday Koronadal I-A Banga
    Tuesday Tantangan Portion of Banga, Surallah,  and T’boli
    Wednesday Tampakan Surallah Poblacion and Lake Sebu
    Thursday Lutayan Norala
    Friday Koronadal I-B Dajay, Surallah, and Sto. Niño
  2. Make sure that all installation is complete for inspection.
  3. Make sure the house is ready/ open during the scheduled inspection date.
  4. HW inspector will furnished consumer with Wiring Inspection Report.
  5. In case of disapproved inspection, pay the P50.00 re-inspection fee at MSD. Make sure everything reflected on the ‘remarks’ portion of the report is effected before the scheduled date for re-inspection.

7 Pay the Power Bill Deposit or kWhmeter

  1. Present to MSD the Approved Wiring Inspection Report upon payment of Power Bill Deposit or kWhmeter.
  2. Php 500.00 – minimum PBD
  3. Php 1,500 +12% VAT – Purchase of kWhmeter

**To make sure requirements reach the office and to avid delay of application, please process papers and pay necessary fees personally.

8 Service Dropping by the Contractor