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Leadership in a Borderless Customer Service

August 6, 2017

While I am trying to recall what and how is SOCOTECO-1 Ten (10) years ago, I had fallen into a deep thought that it is what it had become today because of the decisions and choices the leaders made years back. The biggest factor then counted is the leadership style and direction this Management had, […]

A Story that is Still Written

February 6, 2017

As we are about to end the year, I am taking this opportunity to give a message of inspiration and salutation. As a matter of public record, I rose from the ranks and now lives the dream of leading a great team of hard working, loyal and passionate workers. I am a concrete witness of […]

The Sitio Electrification Program: STILL UNPRECEDENTED

May 31, 2016

Five years since then, an estimated 32, 688 sitios/puroks were connected to the main grid, a little beyond its target back then. Meaning to say, more and more Filipinos are now enjoying the splendor of having electricity, savoring the convenience it brings, magnifying economic development, and thus further improving the Filipino lives, especially the poor in general.

SOCOTECO-1: The Green Electric Cooperative

December 31, 2015

Believing in the capacity of Renewable Energy (RE) in minimizing/reducing the effects of climate change, if not to totally exterminate it, SOCOTECO-I had entered into a Renewable Energy Service Agreement (RESA) with nv vogt Philippines Solar Energy One, Inc. (SE1) to put up a 5-Megawatt Solar Power Plant in Brgy. Centralla, Surallah, South Cotabato.