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A Story that is Still Written

February 6, 2017

As we are about to end the year, I am taking this opportunity to give a message of inspiration and salutation. As a matter of public record, I rose from the ranks and now lives the dream of leading a great team of hard working, loyal and passionate workers. I am a concrete witness of how the Cooperative overcame all the obstacles and challenges that crossed its path since its existence forty-five (45) years ago.

Just like a captain of a ship, it is always my best and genuine intention to hold the ship afloat and to keep everyone on board in perfect coordination and safety. But not all voyages steer easy. You need to pilot the sails if the gush of wind does not lead you to where you’re headed. This is the reason why we made an analogous shift when RA 10531 was implemented. SOCOTECO-I fearlessly faced the challenges demanded and required by the law, on top of power supply shortage and the implementation of Sitio Electrification and Barangay Line Enhancement Programs of the National Government, just to name a few.

Nevertheless, we outwitted the challenges by re-routing the ship slightly when heavy storms pour. The Coop now sails with concrete target and that is to attain the Diamond EC status and sustain its current Triple A stand.

This is an opportune chance for me to thank everyone who, in their little or great way have contributed to the success of SOCOTECO-I. First and foremost, to the Board of Directors who have provided this “ship” with a compass and a map that shows the right way that leads to its concrete destination of becoming “A first-rate electric utility of choice by 2030”. I know, we are not there yet, but one thing I am sure of, we are heading there.

To the entire crew of this ship, you are exactly who we need. Your dedicated service literally makes this ship drift right. You have sweat out and manned the sails ensuring that we astern. You were carefully picked and we are not mistaken. I am and will always be proud of you.

To the Local Government Units (LGUs) headed by Cong. Ferdinand L. Hernandez and Gov. Daisy Avance P. Fuentes, to the media and all other government agencies, you serve as the propeller that thrusts this ship to move forward.  To you, I am most grateful and I pray for a continued partnership towards the total electrification of this side of the country.

And to the member-consumers of SOCOTECO-I, you are the reason why we have embarked on this journey. As our passengers, you have always been cooperative and loyal to our service and with that we are forever indebted to you. As our way of giving back to your support, we have created a separate institution that shall focus on the enhancement of our services particularly on our corporate social responsibilities and other programs. The SOCOTECO-I Foundation, Inc. is gaining momentum after the members approved its creation during the AGMA in August 2016.  While processing its registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Foundation has already supported the outreach activities of the Coop in December in time for the season of love and sharing. The Foundation is dedicated in grateful appreciation to you and your continued patronage.

I thank my family for being my biggest supporters. I am truly a rich man because I have a family like you. Thank you for everything you have done for me, my dear and understanding family! To my loving wife, always remember that you are the lighthouse that guides me as I sail this life’s journey. No words can express how much I am thankful and happy because I have you.

To everyone, we are not setting our anchor just yet. The time and effort we have put in together has not yet ended. In this book of success stories, my chapter may be nearing its end but yours is still unfolding, waiting to be written. Continue your own story and write each chapter distinctively. Fill each page with vibrant colors and joyful pictures that will vividly remind each of us of the days we have worked for the successful cruise of this Cooperative.

Finally, let us all mind the sails and remember to work hand in hand as always. For our ship to float, it requires strong leadership, dedicated crew, and concrete goals. We have the right components to succeed. I say, all we have to do is to manage them well and we will surely reach our destination safely and in our favor.